Jan 25, 2021 9:11:55 AM by Stefan Agustsson

WEBINAR: The Basics of WebAR

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One of the hottest topics in the AR and creative communities is the development of WebAR technology that enables users to access AR scenes via a mobile device and a web link, without requiring an app.

Gain access to RealityBLU’s most recent webinar,  ‘The Basics of WebAR’ which will:

  • Clear up confusion on the differences between WebAR and AppAR
  • See how brands of any size, in any industry can benefit from WebAR
  • Learn when and where to use WebAR versus AppAR
  • Understand the applications of WebAR in your marketing mix
  • Leave knowing how WebAR can enhance customer engagement, raise brand awareness and improve customer loyalty

RealityBLU understand the need and desire to keep up one’s knowledge on the evolving world of technology. Our mission remains in making Augmented Reality  easy to create, and more importantly, easy to understand! 

Check back frequently for new content or schedule a call with Bridget Thomas, VP of Sales to learn more.

Laura Witlox is the Operations Manager for RealityBLU. Contact the team here.

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